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History of Vascular Surgery and vision Statement

Mashhad University of Medical Sciences did not have an independent department of vascular surgery until 2000, this year following the invitation of the faculty and professor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Mohammad Hadi Saeed Moghadegh, at the invitation of the University of Mashhad with the mission of launching a specialty of vascular surgery in Shahrivar. In 2000, he was transferred to Mashhad and started the independent specialized unit of Vascular Surgery in Imam Reza Hospital in Mashhad for the first time with 18 beds approved in February of that year....

Surgery performed in the hospital

Patients whom the hospital servis

All the operations of the arterial cramps in the lower extremities

All surgical operations of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients including catheterization, fistula and ...

Low invasive and endovascular peripheral vascular treatments (intron, angioplasty and stenting)

All abdominal aortic surgeries including aortic aneurysm and open endovascular syndrome (EVAR and TEVAR)

Treatment of varicose veins with open and low invasive by RF and laser
Sclerotherapy in varicose veins and hemangiomas

Treatment of carotid stenosis by open (endarterectomy) and closed (stenting) procedures

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Hospital Wards

Surgical units 1 and 2 include private and public rooms


performing treatment is a professional job which makes the patient